Turkish Inheritance Law for Foreigners

Many investors today are wondering how to coordinate inheritance?

As part of the Turkish government's development plan for laws guaranteeing the right of foreign investors, which seeks to facilitate investment in the country, especially after the significant increase in the number of foreign investors in the country, the issue of inheritance for foreign investors has been questioned at all times, especially after the stability of most investors In Turkey, which led them to inquire permanently on the subject, leaving dozens of question mark on it.

However, the clarity that accompanied the law according to article 6302 No. 35 of 2012, which was reserved for foreigners, stipulated that the money or property resulting from immovable inheritance shall be distributed to the heirs by working on the international law which was recognized by 183 countries. The law provides for reciprocity. According to the laws and agreements concluded between the countries, Turkey has complied with the international and internal decisions on immovable property in the event of the death of the property owner, which in turn transfers them to the legitimate heirs through the courts assigned to the order.

After the absence of an officially certified will, the immovable property is distributed in the following order:

First heir: wife or husband and children.

In the absence of children, his estate is passed on to his mother and father.

If there is no parent, the heirs are shared with the husband or wife with the brothers of the deceased.

In the absence of any heirs at all, all property belonging to the person goes to the Turkish Government.

Documents required to transfer ownership to the heirs:

A family statement from the Souls Department of the investor's country indicating who the eligible heirs are and what they are related to and how close they are to the owner of “inheritance inventory” provided that it is certified and translated into Turkish.

A passport valid for at least 6 months, translated and certified by the notary public.

Registration in the tax register with tax numbers for all heirs in Turkey.

Two photographs of each person from the heirs.

The cost of transferring ownership to the heirs is approximately the same as the purchase tax cost of 2% of the property price, with the costs and fees of the attorney's fees being deducted from the heirs.

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